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Are you an emerging artist based in South Africa? We would love to see your work!

We are sourcing artworks by artists living and working in South Africa for Ninety One's new London office.




A London-based art consultancy founded in 2009, ARTIQ’s purpose is to bridge the gap between art and business. We create a sustainable arts economy by supporting artists with fair pay and offering their work for lease and purchase to workplace, hospitality and residential clients across EMEA. Our clients gain access to some of the globe’s most exciting artistic talent and their spaces are enhanced with the benefits of creativity.

We are thrilled to be working with Ninety One to help them build an impressive art collection for their new London office. Ninety One truly shares our mission of championing artists, particularly emerging artists, so that they can have sustainable and successful careers, enabling more people to be inspired and soothed by their art.

Find out more about ARTIQ here.

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About this Collection

Ninety One is seeking to create a unique art collection for its new London office. The objective for this art collection is to reflect their corporate and cultural brand values. As with Ninety One’s visual brand, their London office design was inspired by the company’s South African heritage. The office is modern, light and filled with colours and textures of the natural landscape there.

Ninety One is inviting emerging and unrepresented South African artists who are living and practicing in South Africa to submit their artwork. They are passionate about showcasing and supporting artistic talent local to their heritage that speaks to the global context.

This is a valuable opportunity for artists at the early stages of their career to have their work included in paid exhibition as part of a dynamic and diverse art collection with a global audience, both online and offline. Ninety One is keen to build long-term relationships with the artists to truly support them in their careers.

About Ninety One

Ninety One is an independent, global investment manager dedicated to delivering compelling outcomes for clients. Founded in 1991 in an emerging market, they learned the importance of recognising and embracing change and uncertainty. It’s taught them that active investing can be a force for good; it’s also given them a different perspective on the issues that matter – from how they invest sustainably to the major thematic and structural challenges facing investors.

Although Ninety One has grown into a global business, with offices across Europe, Africa, America and Asia, its South African heritage continues to be a core driver to their corporate values: always seeking to invest for a better tomorrow and doing the right thing.

Find out more about Ninety One here.

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